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 Camera advice

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PostSubject: Camera advice   Camera advice Icon_minitimeFri Sep 09, 2011 11:04 am

Thought it was about time I moved on from point and shoot as the better half broke it!
Any recommendations on a user friendly dslr to learn with? Been looking at a nikon d70 as seems reasonable price.
Been looking on photography forum but at the moment it's like a different language!
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Funky Slug

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PostSubject: Re: Camera advice   Camera advice Icon_minitimeSun Nov 06, 2011 2:45 am

I'm guessing by the age of your question that you might have already made your choice... I'm personally a Canon user, but seriously you won't go far wrong with either a Canon or a Nikon, as they're both pretty similar in performance and specs, and whichever you choose from the off you'll pretty quickly become familiar with how all the settings are adjusted...

The biggest thing is to make sure you get your head around getting away from "full auto" shooting, as that will be the biggest restriction you'll find.. Getting yourself familiar with aperture priority / shutter priority and the ISO settings, and what the effect of changing them is.. That's the key... It's far easier with DSLR's obviously, as you can immediately see the results of any fiddling... Best thing with DSLR's is that once you're familiar with the settings, and start going manual / semi manual, then you can easily get the camera to do what you want it to do, rather than it doing what it thinks you want it to do...

So, pick your budget... Go to Jessops or the like, and physically have a play with a few Canon's and Nikon's, and see which feels best in your hand, and which menu system / button layout makes more sense to you.... Then make your decision and seek out the best deal... and enjoy... Smile
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Camera advice
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